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More Patient Reviews for Balance Chiropractic


Dr. Hallows was awesome and took the time to listen and explain everything. Tina was very professional and courteous of my privacy! Definitely an A++ experience and would recommend Balance Chiropractic to everyone I know!

– Ericka A.

“Best Of The Best”

I had been seeing the same chiropractor for more than 17 years and loved him. When he moved out-of-state, I tried several different chiropractors who were okay but just didn’t meet the high standard of care I was used to receiving until I found Balance Chiropractic! Dr. Sam is truly amazing! The time he spent listening to my needs and then really relaxing my “guarded” muscles allowed me to receive one of the most effective manipulations I have ever had! I am so grateful for the care I received and would recommend Dr. Sam to anyone who was looking for the best of the best in chiropractic care!

– Dawn B.


I appreciated my first appointment from the time I walked in the door greeted by the friendly receptionist. I never felt rushed and felt I would get to the bottom of my pain.

– Marsha M.

“Super awesome”

Dr. Sam is super awesome. My two young boys loved their visits and their play doctor kit at home has become their favorite toy. They want to help people feel better just like Dr. Sam at Balance Chiropractic. Thank you!

– Emily C.

“I appreciate the special attention”

I appreciate the special attention I received to manipulative therapy, and the extra amount of time that Dr. Hallows dedicated to actually take me out of pain. His healing hands made me feel so much better, even after the first treatment.

– W.T.

“It’s hard to find a doctor who you completely trust”

It’s hard to find a doctor who you completely trust and actually look forward to seeing… I’m so grateful that I have found someone like that. The best thing is… no more migraines! Thanks Dr. Hallows!

– Meghan M.

“I trust him fully as a doctor, and now as a good friend”


Charles Loud

I would like to give my thanks to Dr. Hallows for the quick recovery from a very bad back problem. I was to a point where I could not find any comfort lying down, setting up, standing and walking, all were very painful. I also was having trouble with my intestinal track. I was referred to Dr. Hallows by a friend who praised him highly. I must say that I fully understand why now. In a matter of three visits I was able to start functioning somewhat normally. I can finally sleep all night without waking up in pain, and I look forward to the day. My bowels have started functioning normally. I am now, after several visits pretty much pain free, there is still some more healing needed, but time, a few more treatment and continued exercise will complete it. Dr. Hallows is a caring, experienced and talented doctor. I trust him fully as a doctor, and now as a good friend. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone I know or meet! I give them a heads up as to where to get help when and if they need it!

– Charles Loud

“He’s Truly What a Chiropractor Should Be”

Alicia Rosenberg

Alicia Rosenberg

Around the beginning of Nov. 2011 I began having an unexplained pain on my hips, thighs, and legs. I went to see an orthopedic doctor and he had no idea why I had so much pain because on the x-rays not even arthritis showed up. He suggested I take Ibuprofen. The pain was so excruciating that I could barely walk.

My daughter suggested that I see Dr. Hallows. She had seen many chiropractors in the past and her experience with Dr. Hallows was an amazing one. In her words “He’s truly what a chiropractor should be.” My experience with chiropractors in the past was not successful. A few years ago I had a car accident. I went to see a chiropractor who had me lie down on a vibrating chair and then he adjusted my neck; I went there several times and that’s all that was done without success. I then agreed with my daughter to see Dr. Hallows.

Dr. Hallows is a very caring and professional doctor who took the time to listen and treat me. Dr. Hallows shares his office with Gary Rowden- Structural Integrator who has also treated me as well. The combination of treatments between Dr. Hallows and Gary Rowden has been like a miracle to me. After two visits I was able to walk with hardly any pain. I have no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Hallows and Gary Rowden for treating me using their knowledge, dedication, and care on me. I highly recommend Dr. Hallows and Gary Rowden to anyone who truly wants to experience what chiropractic and structural integration work is all about.

– Alicia Rosenberg

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Sara Jarman

Sara Jarman

After having two children WITHOUT consistent Chiropractic care, I noticed that I really struggled :( … It seemed like my body was giving up, I would always have pains that really made it difficult to bear sometimes… I really struggled with the normal pregnancy weight, because of sharp pains and discomfort… So exercising sessions were few and far between, causing additional weight-gain. Which caused me to think that childbirth would be unbearable!

After the birth of my second child, I was consistently having strong migraines for a couple weeks. At that point I knew that I needed to get on a plan, set up consistent sessions. After seeing Dr. Hallows my migraines eased up tremendously, and are currently obsolete… now over 3 1/2 years have passed, two children later, he has tremendously improved my pregnancy experience!!

I have noticed a huge difference in my body during these last 2 pregnancies, less pain and discomfort. Leading to more exercise and less weight gain, which allowed me to stay active for my other children. I also feel that these adjustments help the baby transition allot easier, during child-birth. Without much pain or discomfort during delivery, I noticed a quicker healing process. I am so grateful for his knowledge and help, that I recommend him to everyone I know!

– Sara Jarman

“A Healer with a Vocation”

Balance Chiropractic patient, Steve Boesen

Steve Boesen

I came to Dr. Hallows several months ago diagnosed by a radiologist as suffering from spondylolisthesis, in particular a compression of L4 and L5 lumbar and my cervical vertebrae, causing radicular pain in my arms and legs. I was a bent old man of 67, walking in the shape of a taunt bow, knees in pain, calves and thighs tight. I cringed in pain when I had to raise my right arm above my shoulder. I awakened at night with thigh and calf cramps–once with pain so severe I passed out from the pain!

Now, I am 68 and feel 45, well, OK, 55 again! I walk with ease, my joints feel OPEN, I no longer feel knotted & constrained.

This is no routine result of chiropractic practice: this is Dr. Sam’s work, nay “vocation” as a HEALER. Dr Sam did not do routine chiropractic moves with me; instead he explored and manipulated my tendons and ligaments, finding knots and soft-tissue-tensions which he could heal. He combined such varied methods as using the stimulator, the vibrator, his excellent table, digital exploration and manipulation, and even pressing hard with thumb and knee when such force was required!

He gave me “homework” assignments, exercises I could do daily to speed healing. He even taught my wife, Beth, things she could do at home to massage and manipulate knotted soft tissue and nerves.

Raised in Iowa, I’ve known chiropractic since childhood and I can testify what Dr. Sam has done for me is NOT merely routine adjustments taught at the Palmer School. Dr. Sam’s god-given calling is to HEAL, and he answered the call thrice weekly with me for months.

Dr. Sam Hallows is disciplined, creative, flexible, and innovative in his care of an individual patient. He is a Healer with a vocation, a gift and a call from God, and I could not commend him more highly than to say just that!

– Steve Boesen

“Tune Me Up”

Balance Chiropractic Testimonial

Kim Julian

I have been receiving weekly chiropractic tune ups from Dr. Hallows for about 18 months. I have experienced numerous chiropractors over a period of 30 years. Dr. Hallows is my favorite. I enjoy the way he takes time to assess my current condition and progress each visit. The treatments are always helpful and I always walk out feeling better. It feels like I am getting physical therapy as well as chiropractic care! I recommend Dr. Hallows to anyone!

– Kim Julian

“Look No Further”

Balance Chiropractic Testimonial

Katrina H.

I have been to many chiropractors, doctors, pain management centers and even tried acupuncture but nothing compares to the results I have experienced with Dr. Hallows. I have a very physical occupation, I truly do not believe I could do this job if it was not for my regular visits to Dr. Hallows. I had moved my residence since I first started visiting Dr. Hallows, and I now travel over 45 miles to his office, and the results make the trip worth it! I have had other medical issues pop up recently and Dr. Hallows has taken time to research and inform me as to my options, more than the other “specialist” have done for me. You truly will not be disappointed, call and make an appointment, you will be happy you did!

– Katrina H.


Balance Chiropractic Testimonial

Meghan McCoy

I was experiencing horrible migraines once a week, so I decided to google a chiropractor in Mesa and ran across Dr. Hallows website and was extremely impressed by what I read. We started to email each other back and forth with different questions I had about chiropractor care in general. Again I was very impressed on the immediate response I had received from him, along with the detailed explanation he gave me.

When I first met him in person, I felt very comfortable telling him my concerns about my health and he shared a plan on how to get my body to where it needed to be to stop the horrible migraines. He is an incredible listener who is always looking for your input after he shares his plan with you.

I find myself looking forward to my appointments with Sam and enjoy the conversations we hold during my adjustment. He is always very interested in how I’m feeling, along with wanting to know what’s going on in my career. Dr. Hallows takes the time to inform you about his practice and always welcomes questions, so you fully understand your body and what it is capable of.

I would recommend anyone who is experiencing any type of headaches to make an appointment with Sam. It’s hard to find a doctor who you completely trust and actually look forward to seeing….I’m so grateful that I have found someone like that. The best thing is….no more migraines! Thanks Dr. Hallows!!!!!

– Meghan McCoy

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