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Balance Chiropractic Fees

Losing anything, especially your health, will require an investment of your time and money to recover it. Rest assured that our fees are competitive with other offices in the Mesa area. Once we have an opportunity to evaluate your case, we’ll explain what we’ve found and what we think it will take for you to get well, and just as important, to stay well.  Remember “Chiropractic is Health Insurance – Premiums Small Dividends Large”.

Service Fee
Initial Examination (99202) $55
Typical Adjustment (98940, 98941) $45 Cash | $42 Medicare
Prepaid Plan (12 Adjustments) $480
Prepaid Plan – under 16 years old $240
X-Rays Referred Out
Veritas Farms CBD Tincture 500mg $50
Veritas Farms CBD/Melatonin Gummies $35
Biofreeze $12
Caleb Treeze Old Amish: Stop Leg Cramps and Acid Reflux $15
Pettibon Cervical Traction Unit $60
Pettibon Cervical Block $30
Formula 303 $12
Theraband $4/yard
Valeo Balance Ball $20
Sombra Gel $10
Vitamin B12 $20
Pregnancy Pillow $60
Structural Integration-Bodywork $65 / One Hour
Structural Integration-Bodywork $80 / Hour and Half
Decompression Table Triton DTS $20

* Participating Provider Accepts Assignment for Medicare and United HealthCare……Also Works Auto Accident/Injury Cases With No Money Up Front * Out of Network Provider for all Other Insurance

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