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Balance Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Patients Say About Balance Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Balance Chiropractic patient testimonials below or any of our online reviews on Yelp, Yahoo Local or and please email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Dr. Sam Hallows DC

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I’m So Grateful

I’ve been treating somewhere else since April and wasn’t really feeling better. I instantly felt a difference and Dr Hallows listened to my concerns and I was scared and worried I wasn’t going to feel better before coming to Dr Hallows and he has given me hope that I can do better and I’m so grateful for the future and would recommend him to any one! Even the front desk was so welcoming and pleasant and even though I was in pain the warm and pleasant staff made me feel better.

- Monique H.

Amazing Bedside Manner

Sam is an awesome guy! Really knows his craft and amazing bedside manner! Felt like a lifelong friend from the jump! The office staff was top-notch as well! Looking forward to coming back on a regular basis! Thanks, guys and gals.

- Will H.

A Phenomenal Chiropractor

Dr. Sam is a phenomenal chiropractor! His skill set is top-notch with a lot of added extras in his go above and beyond comprehensive approach to treatment! He has a scientist’s inquisitive mind for research with the heart to help everyone he meets as much as possible. He has a heart of gold, is comfortable sitting with others’ big emotions and offers a compassionate listening ear and encouraging words of hope! I cannot say enough just how much I am impressed and grateful to have found Dr. Sam! Thank you for sharing your hands and heart with me!

- Debra T.

Very Friendly and Easy to Talk With

Dr Hallows is very friendly and easy to talk with and gives the true feeling that he wants to help correct issues. I did feel better after the first visit but my problems are greater than just one visit can correct. I will continue going to see him attempt to improve my body functions.

- Jeannette B.

Everyone Was Helpful and Attentive

I inquired for a new visit online on a Saturday evening and within minutes I’d received an email from the doctor himself, asking what was wrong and how he could help. He scheduled an appointment for me and gave me some instructions to help till we could meet. And come to find out, he was on vacation! My visits were always great and everyone was helpful and attentive. I’ll definitely be going back!

- Ashley L.

Courteous and Professional

Dr. Hallows was very courteous and professional. My husband and I were here on vacation and I got a catch in my back. He did everything he could to help me out! Today I am sore (to be expected) but the catch is out!!! Definitely recommend this Chiropractic service & Dr. Hallow!

- Sandra H.

Thank you!

Thank you for the adjustments you did on Tom and myself. Since we got home Tom is still having dizziness, saw our regular doctor, we are seeing a neurologist 80 miles from here on Friday. We are at PT again, so we are trying to get this resolved.

- Joanne M.

Relaxing Environment

Dr. Hallows is a compassionate doctor with a genuine interest in improving the well-being of his patients. I’ve never left an appointment feeling more confident about my recovery. The office escapes the traditional doctor’s office atmosphere, providing a more relaxing experience and an opportunity to connect and relate on a personal level. Excited to have finally found a practice devoted to the health and wellness of it’s patients.

- Felicia T.

Very Professional

I didn’t know what to expect when I came into the office but everyone was friendly and asked if I needed help or water. It was the first time I met Dr. Hallows and he was and is very professional and I enjoyed meeting him and look forward in him getting me fixed up.

- Cheryl M.

Forever Grateful

Very Professional, Extremely impressed with The knowledge and Care I received. Really felt like my Dr Sam H. cared about how I felt. And took my concerns very seriously. I really felt like he understood exactly what I was feeling. And when I walked out of there I literally felt like I was a new person. It felt amazing to feel happy again. Forever Grateful.

- Dorothy G.

Excellent Care

My first visit was due to a very painful sciatic nerve issue. The pain was so intense I was unable to sleep, sit or stand comfortably. I was very fortunate that friends from my church told me that Dr. Hallows would most certainly be able to give me relief and he definitely did. When I left his office that first day I was so thankful because he gently worked on me and gave me so much relief. Four visits later I am not totally out of pain and we are working on other areas of concern. I am very grateful for his excellent care.

- Frances M.

Relief After First Session

I was in dire straits when I found Dr. Sam Hallows, and Balance Chiropractic. Terrible stabbing pain in my right buttock and going down my leg. Dr. Sam diagnosed this as sacroilliac problem and started treatments immediately. I had good relief after first session, and it’s gotten better every week. I will continue seeing him, and keeping up with a monthly maintenance visit.

- Sheryl T.

Amazing Job Following A Motorcycle Accident

I was having a lot of pain in my lower back after a motorcycle accident. The doctors at Balance Chiropractic did an amazing job getting me back to 100% unbelievably quick. First time to a chiropractor and I honestly believe I would not have recovered as I did with out their help. Would highly recommend them to others. Thanks!

- Bryson H.

Excellent Experience

I wanted to thank Gary for excellent work with KMI and spot therapy. I recently completed the 12 session of KMI with Gary and I have to say it was the best experience I have had from bodywork. I was trained in bodywork, and have had a lot of body work such as deep tissue, shiatsu and sports massage. None of them touched on the bigger picture like KMI did.

Gary’s work with KMI gave me a greater awareness of how I use my body in space and it took care of aches and pains I have seen other bodyworkers for over the years. He has a thorough understanding of anatomy and how it all works together. He is also sensitive to the experience the client receives and has a holistic approach to his work. I will definitely see him again when I need bodywork.

- Joanna Welland, MSc., RN, HNB-BC, HWNC,NC


I scheduled an appointment (massage) for my teenage son, who is an active football player. He recently returned home from football camp with an issue with his right calf muscle. This was his first experience with the technique and he enjoyed the massage and the massage therapist. Before the appointment he was a bit reluctant, but I was thankful that after his appointment he was very relaxed and excited for his first experience. Thank you.

- Denise H.

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