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Structural Integration at Balance Chiropractic

Our Bones Float in a Sea of Soft Tissue” (Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, etc.) but held together and surrounded by the dimensional webbing of the fascial system.

The Organ of Structure, Ida Rolf PhD

What is KMI Structural Integration?

Kinesis Myofascial Integration is a method of bodywork we employee at Balance Chiropractic bringing the locomotor system (nervous) of the human being to a new level of Integrated Function via the “fascial System” with 10 different myofascial continuities/Lines that are like a road map to the body. Along the way loosening restrictions, correcting posture and easing pain. With an added bonus of a higher functioning of movement for the Human Structure.

This is done by carefully separating layers of tissue that could be “stuck” in a sense due to whatever life may throw at us (accidents, trauma, surgeries, illness, etc.)

The careful separations are achieved by scooping, lifting, dropping and spreading of these bound down (“stuck”) tissues always to the first layer that offers resistance first while using breath and cooperative movement from the client. Always in the aspect superficial layers first working towards a more balanced release of deeper tissues. The fascial work is focused in the timing of Depth, Duration and Direction within these tissues to bring forth free flow of energy and fluidity. This gives an individual a sense of lightness, lift, and length when creating “space” along these myofascial continuities. Thus achieving a better sense of Balance and awareness of ones self.

Is Structural Integration permanent? NO – It’s Progressive!

To change (Problem Solve) “energy robbing” patterns that maybe held within the body that could be causing pain and general struggle, KMI Structural Integration is usually done with a progressive 12 session series that includes:

  • 1 – 4: The Superficial Sessions
  • 5 – 8: The Core Sessions
  • 9 – 12: The Integrating Sessions that work towards relating the previous myofascial continuities to each other with a more movement based application.
The 12 sessions are KMI’s “Recipe” of progression toward structural alignment, but this work can also be utilized in single sessions (like massage) for preventative maintenance on those aches and pains or postural imbalances.

In these “spot work” sessions one still receives the benefits of Structural Integration just not the progression of the 12 series cycle of treatment. With “Spot work”, I as a KMI practitioner still look for relationships throughout the whole body relative to the pain or general lack of movement that one may be experiencing in the present day or for some period of time.

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